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Kevin MacNeil

Kevin MacNeil is a leading Scottish novelist, poet, playwright and screenwriter, born and raised in the Outer Hebrides. His most recent novel, The Brilliant & Forever, was published to huge critical acclaim and was shortlisted for the Saltire Fiction of the Year Award. Kevin recently edited Robert Louis Stevenson: An Anthology, Selected by Jorge Luis Borges and Adolfo Bioy Casares. Kevin has won a number of prestigious literary awards. He is a Lecturer in Creative Writing at the University of Stirling.

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Most recent work

'Ordinary Case of
RLS and RLS'

A short story and film for Robert Louis Stevenson's 170th birthday. Watch.

'The Blue Folk of the Minch'

Short story broadcast on BBC Radio 4. Listen.

'Hebridean Moon'

A short story that is and isn't about the pandemic. Read.

'Bring the Moon Home'

Music and poetry collaboration with
HLY FCK. Listen.

One Vehicle, One Path
A short film

Coming soon. Autumn 2020.

Press play to watch teaser.


A greyhound is a writer's dog. A cat-like dog. She lies beside the writing desk, sometimes twitching in her dreams, sometimes emerging from a dream staring at you, blinking, like someone who just reluctantly finished a brilliant novel, occasionally nosing her head beneath the palms for intensive petting.

She has four white socks (which makes two-white-socked dogs jealous) and a dipped-in-white-paint tail, tattooed ears, is always good-natured, never barks, sleeps 17 hours a day, loves everyone and never bothers anyone. Molly the Greyhound. She also handles being on stage like a professional.

The perfect writer's dog.


Musical collaborations